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$5K Upward Challenge

Are you ready to kick off your sales?
Take the course, follow the instructions and take action.

Module 1: Planning

Learn all the steps needed to get the foundations setup for the challenge.

Know Your Customer

Plan your messaging 

Set up your pricing/packages

The anatomy of a promotion

Module 2: Execution

Set up your assets  and get prepared to launch

Create  a  lead magnet 

Prepare to pitch perfect

Prepare to sell like a pro

Module 3: Roll out

Get ready to get the challenge started. 

3 Steps to selling ANYTHING!


How to effectively use your lead magnet

Bonus Training Videos

Planning Pro Tip

Getting your lead magnet to cold  customer

5 Things your website should include

Email Sequences

You all set? Ready to start your challenge?

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$5K Upward Challenge

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The course is free for now, so sign up. Get through the course content. We have taken out the fluff and only kept what you need to succeed.


Everything we teach is super practical. the appropriate lessons will have downloadable worksheets. Once ready to go to market, start your challenge and launch.


Follow the instructions and close those deals. With your assets properly set up you will be ready to approach, connect with and close any prospect into clients.

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A word from your trainer...

As a marketing consultant, I have help numerous brands in various industries ranging from brick and mortar businesses like automotive car sales and property to e-commerce and online sales and business courses. Regardless of industry I've noticed that in every business where implemented correctly, we made money. We attracted prospects, closed deals and increased income. Now you can too! 


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