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The $5K Upward Challenge 

From Marketing Consultant, Marlon August

"Make significant, measurable changes that impact your bottom businesses bottom-line by implementing marketing that works."

If you want to have remarkably different results in your business from 2020, then LISTEN UP...

For most people, marketing is a "nice to have". They believe they need money to make money. For some, marketing is just this infinite void of money disappearing without anything to show for it. 

What if I told you it didn't have to be this way. That your marketing results could be super predictable. WHY? Because you did the things that brought you predictable results. I've met with so many people who say they want to improve their sales by doing something different in their marketing, if they only know how...

So I've decided to share it all with you...

The exact strategy that you need to make significant changes to your bottom line. We took all the fluffy marketing stuff away and built this training around actual tactics that work.

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